Just a short ride from New York City, on Long Island's south shore.

  • Pool and beach at Catalina Beach Club

Catalina Beach Club is a retreat where you can escape, relax, and enjoy the activities that only a seashore experience can provide. It's the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, a place where fond memories are made and long-lasting relationships are developed.


  • Beautiful White Sand Beach
  • Tennis
  • Olympic-sized Heated Swimming Pool
  • N.Y.S. Certified Nursery Day Camp
  • Mommy and Me Toddler Programs
  • Cafeteria
  • Valet parking
  • Steam Room
  • Yoga and Water Aerobics
  • Live Entertainment
  • Special Events and More
  • Seasonal Rentals of Cabanas and Lockers ($2,495-$12,000)
  • Weekly Barbecues

Camp Catalina

Catalina Beach Club features a New York State Certified Nursery Day Camp to entertain and enrich your young ones. Your child will be given the opportunity to socialize and participate in a variety of fun-filled activities in a safe setting.

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Activities Galore!

Catalina Beach Club offers a wide variety of pleasurable things to do.

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Straight from the Members!

Tracy & Larry Sweet - Brooklyn, NY
Our family has always enjoyed Catalina Beach Club. It's a place for our family time, rest and relaxation.

Rae Album - New York City, NY
September through May, I lead the busy life of a native New Yorker, yet over the summer my home is somewhere else. Some may say that a home is where you sleep or where you get your mail sent. However over the summer, my home is, and always will be Catalina, or how I know it, "the beach club." My first visit to Catalina was when I was a four-day-old infant, Although I don't remember that day, I have yet to spend a summer away from the beach in the 16 years that have passed since then. I remember going over the Atlantic Beach Bridge and knowing we were so close to the beach! I remember wishing every day I could win the giant stuffed animal raffle prize and nagging any adult I could for quarters so I could finally get the animals in the claw machine. I remember swimming for hours on end in the pool and figuring out as many ways as I could to jump off the diving board. I remember running as fast as I could from the sand court to the ocean so my feet wouldn't burn off by the time I met my mom. I remember through the years eating more grilled cheeses, mishes, chicken fingers, and chipwiches than anyone ever should. Yet most of all, I remember showering, brushing my hair, getting into my pajamas, eating a ridiculous amount of pasta an eventually leaving my white and turquoise home, excited for the next day that I could spend at Catalina.

Jill Manis - Forest Hills, NY
Catalina is like heaven. Where else will you and your family talk for hours at a time, swim together, walk on the beach and play? My family has grown up at Catalina. Each stage of life has created wonderful memories and new friends. It's a three-month vacation at one of the best beaches, only minutes away from home. The conversation around cold February with our cabana partners is, "We can't wait for our mish salads from the cafeteria!" (The cabana boys serving them on the beach is the best added touch). When we get the bill in March, we usually scream, "Yes! We will be back soon!" It's probably the only bill I can think of that brings joy.

Beverly & Fred Lifschutz - Woodmere, NY
When we are relaxing at our Oceanview cabana at Catalina, overlooking the beach and the ocean, we feel as if we're on a cruise ship. The staff is attentive to all our needs and we have formed many lasting friendships here. There are activities galore for every age group. Our grandchildren look forward to spending time here playing in the sand, swimming, and attending the shows especially geared for the children. Where else can you be privileged to watch a magazine shoot or a TV show being filmed? This summer, while watching the production of "Royal Pains," we enjoyed interacting and taking photos with the stars. When the club closes on Labor Day, we begin counting the days until opening day on Memorial Day weekend. Being at Catalina is an excellent way to spend a summer.

Melodee, Craig, Zachary and Brooke Leiderman - New York City, NY
Catalina Beach Club is a place where friendships and lifetime memories are made. We love the white sandy beach and the friendly people. We have had nothing but positive and happy experiences at Catalina. Our children can't wait for Memorial Day!!!!!

Geller Family - Armonk, NY
Every year we look forward to Memorial Day Weekend. The moment we cross the Atlantic Beach Bridge, we get a warm feeling all over in anticipation of the pool, beach and people. We love Catalina Beach Club.

Dominique & Pierre Betzu - Malverne, NY
It is a hidden paradise right in our backyard. It features an attentive staff, wonderful amenities and activities that we wait to enjoy all winter long. And the families are just as beautiful as the scenery. Everyone should try it, it's worth it!!!!

Gordon Family - Lawrence, NY
Nothing is better than a summer at Catalina Beach Club. All winter we look forward to spending three months at the beach with the warm and friendly staff who always make us feel as if we are being welcomed home.

April & Patrick Kolen - Oceanside, NY
Our family had a wonderful time last year. It was especially good for our kids (ages 4, 6 and 9), who had a whole sandy yard with hundreds of toys and dozens of playmates right in front of the cabana. Last year they learned how to swim, dive off the diving board into the pool and how to body surf in the ocean. For us parents it was great too. We didn't have to watch them every second. The cabana boy fetched all we wanted, so we didn't even have to get up, if we didn't want to.

Kaufman Family - Rockville Centre, NY
Our summers at Catalina are like going away on vacation. Our kids can't get enough of the pool & now that they are older they love going in the ocean. We can't imagine a better way to spend the summer.

Sheila & Ira Hersch - Atlantic Beach, NY
Our children have spent every summer at the Catalina and now their children spend their summer here too. With a friendly, accommodating staff, unbeatable facilities, a full service restaurant with great food and an unbelievably beautiful beach, we wouldn't go anywhere else. For our family, this is home away from home. It provides fun, relaxation and wonderful memories that we build upon each year.

John Gotimer - Malverne, NY
We can't say enough good things about Catalina Beach Club. It started off for our family as a summer retreat and ended up being so much more than that. The staff at Catalina makes our everyday experience feel like we are at a vacation resort. It is a beautiful, well-kept club, with superior staff and gives us the feeling like we have joined a new family. As a parent of two young children and a teenager, safety and cleanliness are priorities. Catalina goes the extra step to make every member feel that the things that are important to us, are important to them, hence our loyalty to the beach club. Management makes it their priority to provide a club that puts members and their families first!

Epstein Family - Woodmere, NY
Our family has been members of Catalina Beach Club for over 14 years. Catalina is a special place and has truly become part of our family's history. Our children have all grown up at the club. They feel comfortable roaming the grounds and when we are there, we all feel like we are part of a summer family. We have many great family traditions that started at Catalina. We couldn't imagine a summer without it.

Shari & Michael Brown - Hewlett, NY
We love Catalina and have been coming here every summer for over 10 years! The beach is beautiful, the food is delicious and I almost forgot to mention the big gorgeous pool. My child went to summer camp here when he was younger and my oldest son even works here now! The club offers everything…. programs for kids and adults. What is better than taking a yoga class by the ocean or your child enjoying a magic show at the pool? Everything you love about summer is right here.

Bernstein Family - Hewlett, NY
Catalina Beach Club has been our summer spot for the last 20 years. Since the time our children were born we got a cabana on the sand. This is the place we have enjoyed bringing them when they were infants (building sand castles) and now when they are grown-up teenagers (having them meet all their friends there). It is a great place for a family. We particularly enjoy the water aerobics classes.

Hoffman Family - Hewlett, NY
Catalina is so much more than a beach club to us. It's a second home. All of our children grew up there; the three of them were Catalina campers, too! They are still members with their wives and the next generation, our granddaughters. The people there become friends and each Memorial Day weekend, we look forward to reconnecting with those whom we don't see during the winter. Catalina Beach Club represents a warm, safe family that nourished ours.

Erika Silber - Oceanside, NY
"For over 25 years I have enjoyed my summers as a Catalina member. I was a counselor when the camp began. Now my own children enjoy amazing summers as Camp Catalina campers. We are looking forward to another wonderful season!"

Liela Rogoff & Margaret Anton - Hewlett, NY
My cabana mate, Margaret Anton, and I have been members of Catalina Beach Club for 24 years. We look forward to the warm welcome we always receive. It feels like we are home for the summer with old friends. We watched our children grow up and have good times on the beach. Now our grandchildren are enjoying Catalina's pools and Camp Catalina. We have seen many wonderful changes over the years, yet the club has retained it wholesome family environment. We especially enjoy the heated pool.

Marsha & Irwin Yatter - Forest Hills, NY
We have been members of Catalina Beach Club for over 25 years and hope to continue the tradition of enjoying the beach and its amenities for more years to come.

Ryan Greenberg - New York City, NY
Since the summer of 1993 "Catalina" has meant summer time, the beach, family and great memories. Catalina is more than a beach club; it's a home away from home for nearly 700 families. It's a place where each summer for the past 20 years, when I return to lifeguard, I get to watch the children who once took their first stroke on their own in the swimming pool now get ready to leave for college. Words can't describe what keeps families or myself at Catalina for so long. It's just something that one has to experience on their own and then it all seems to make sense.

Leah Kastin - New York City, NY
Camp Catalina has been a part of my life for the past 10 years. I started here when I was 16 and my first summer here inspired me to go into education. Catalina Beach Club is so much more than just a summer getaway, it is a gift you give your children. The campers look forward to coming to camp everyday and enjoy exciting activities and fun-filled days. It is so rewarding as we watch them reach new milestones and make friendships at a young age that go beyond camp.

Bryan Assael - New York City, NY
The summer of 2011 will be my 9th at Catalina Beach Club. Looking back at my time working at CBC, I take pause to think about what I have learned and what the beach club has meant to me. Simply stated, Catalina has been a major force in my development as an adult. In my own personal classroom in the sand, I have learned the values of responsibility, honesty, understanding, and most of all, general concern about others. When I began working at Catalina, I viewed it as a summer job. However, it has grown into so much more than that. It has become part of who I am. Both the members of the beach club and my co-workers have become a summer family. Like with my own family, I have grown to truly care about those who have touched my life over these past eight summers. I will never forget the lessons and people that have become part of me.

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