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Catalina Beach Club offers seasonal rentals of our facilities Memorial Day through Labor Day. Catalina is open seven days a week. In June, 10:00AM to 5:00PM on weekdays and 10:00AM to 9:00PM on weekends.  In July and August, 10:00AM to 8:00PM on weekdays and 10:00AM to 9:00PM on weekends.

The facilities are serviced by our attendants, who have been rigorously trained to provide you with the ultimate in service. They open and close your unit every day, sweep it clean, take out and return the furniture, fill kiddie pools, run cafeteria food and drink orders, and bring and retrieve chairs to and from the beach area.

We have units available to meet most budgetary requirements, offering the best value for your summer recreation dollars. Cabanas can be shared by two or three couples with the cost per couple adjusting accordingly. It is recommended that people select their own partners when possible.

Sand Court Cabanas

These cabanas are approximately eight feet by fourteen feet in size and offer hot and cold running showers. They surround a large section of sand in which children can play. Access to the ocean is just a short walk away. Most members take their meals at tables, placed alongside their cabanas. Sand Court cabanas are large enough to hold all your beach gear and provide a perfect place to lounge while enjoying a view of the ocean.

Oceanview Cabanas

Oceanview Cabanas are approximately ten feet by sixteen feet, offer hot and cold running showers, and are adjacent to the swimming pools. Many of these cabanas are newly renovated.  We have lower and upper units. Upper cabanas are restricted to families with children over age seven. These cabanas offer enough space to hold all of your beach gear and have magnificent views of both the large swimming pool and the ocean.


These four feet by six feet units are a perfect place to leave your beach gear, instead of transporting it daily from home. Just a short walk and you are on the white sandy beach, where our chair attendants will set you up with a beach chair and umbrella.

Click to checkout this map to view the layout of the beach club.

Call 516-239-2150 to reserve a cabana or beach locker.

Sand Court Cabanas

sand view of Cabanas Sand Court Cabanas cabana tables, umbrellas and seating sea green cabana doors inside view of cabanas cabanas

Oceanview Cabanas

colorful Oceanview Cabanas cabanas with pool view sunset on rental cabanas privately decorated cabanas pool sunset pool on beach

Bath Cabins (lockers)

beach lockers aisle of bath cabins beach lockers with hooks beach club lockers locker rentals aisle of lockers

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